Lock picking –know your lock better than its own key

Abandoned outside your front door and not having the courage to ring the bell at 3 am is a common human condition. But it can be overcome with a little hard work and a few harmless tools…

No matter how unlawful it sounds, there is no law that stops you from picking on the lock of your own front door.

The art that’s worth a practical experiment:

Lock picking is the art of analyzing a lock by manipulating its components without using a key. It means several hundred dollars’ worth of solution if you are locked on one side of it, with the key on the other.

Although using methods of lock picking is considered a criminal intent, but it is easier to defend yourself if you are found practicing it on your own property. Do not go breaking the window or kick open the door off its hinges if you have lost the keys or forgotten them inside. It is good to study how the important locks around the house work.

The common mechanism:

All the lock mechanisms are a combination of pins supported by springs that keep them in their place in the state of lock. We need the keys to slightly force the pins away from the springs that are meant to hold them in their place tightly.

Once you understand this mechanism, you may want to stop carrying a key altogether. But since all locks have a different arrangement of these pins and springs, they are classified as easy or complex. Similarly, this is precisely why we find the keys bearing a different rim shape. The master keys though are designed on a slightly different principle of picking on most kinds of locks generally.

Some tools you will need:

Once the design and the anatomy of the lock is understood, a simple paper clip is enough to let you have your way with it. However, it is always advisable to purchase a common lock pick and tension wrench that works on the kind of lock you have. In your spare time, befriend these tools and familiarize your lock with them, so that when you actually need them, they all obey.

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